MAQcenter - La Empresa

MAQcenter - La Empresa
José Luis Teruel - MAQcenter


MAQcenter is primarily a service company that offers a complete solution, combining the equipment, the latest technology and specialized care in manufacturing and machining processes. We want to be the technology partner of our customers in order to grow together. We advise and provide appropriate solutions to the needs of each particular case.

MAQcenter, we work for you to win.



We want to be the partner of reference in the world of machining, become the technology partner that companies need to compete with others. We want to have presence in all the leading sectors of our industry (aerospace, automotive, wind, oil and gas, rail, subcontracting workshops, equipment and medical).


In MAQcenter we trust in our values, which represent and guide us in our relationship with our customers.

Our Customer Commitment

The Quality of our products

The priority of a good Service

The Professionalism of our staff

The Efficiency of our solutions

Team Work of our professionals

Our Technology Innovation


Welcome to MAQcenter Group.

In our company we have a long history of over 30 years of industry experience and we apply our "know how" and the latest technology to ensure our clients a complete and integrated solution.

Our human resource is one of the key success factors MAQcenter. We have a staff of highly qualified professionals who have a direct relationship with the customer through the best technical and commercial advice.

We work for our customer to win.

Our main commitment is to make our customers more and more efficient in an industrial world where increasingly raw speed, accuracy, quality and, ultimately, the competitiveness of the sectors.

Our product range is intended to cover the vast majority of our customers needs. Since the machine tool to consumables, through the feeding and automation systems, lubricants, software production control or measurement items and metrology.

We want to be the center of your solutions.

For these reasons MAQcenter only offer quality products and services with high added value. In our product range we have for example the machine tool brand OKUMA, leader in the Japanese market, the market more competitive and technological in machine tooling.

That's important to say that the technology is very important, but the service is everything.

So we want to support our customers in their projects and dreams, ensuring the
trust and successes.

Jose Luis Teruel

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